Friday, October 24, 2008


Saturday was the grand opening of Tangerine and all I can saw is "Oh my goodness" So many friends, family, neighbors, and fellow artists came out for the big day.

We served red velvet cupcakes, brownies and pink champagne. The morning of the opening I was sure I wasn't ready, I had so much left to do and all the inventory hadn't arrived but it was perfect, incredibly-wonderfully perfect.

The weather was beautiful, there were bubbles floating outside the door, the air inside the store was sweet with the smell of frosting and flowers. Everyone tasted, toasted and I felt like I was inside someone Else's dream.

Two days ago Connie Govea Stuart popped in to play. She brought her canvas tote, her pretty place mat and all her bits and pieces. She sat at the big table and seemed to make magic happen. This woman is unbelievable, creativity just flows from her. Everything she makes has a sweetness...I was very happy to have her here.

Colleen Moody took a break from her studio and her adorable husband who is flat on his back healing from surgery to bring me a little pumpkin decorated with hydrangea, ribbon and glittery Beatles's. It was good to see her and we all wish her husband a speedy recovery.

Iva Wilcox arrived all smiles. This wonderful woman has motivated me to do things I just never thought I would or could.

Basha Kooler from Kooler designs was here bearing a great big pumpkin tied with tuille. She brought her beautiful daughter and the man she loves. She is so funny, genuine and kind. We are both talking about working on a project together, stay tuned.

I don't want to leave anyone out but this post could go on forever. Thank you wonderful friends for helping me open Tangerines doors with such love, laughter and good wishes.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Tangerine is opening October 18th!

Oh, Oh, Oh, can you believe it!

Yes the doors are finally opening. There is still plenty of work to do but I just can't wait any longer.

Tangerine is swinging it's little door wide open so come and play, have some pink champagne and cupcakes, shop, laugh, nibble, meet other artists.

It will be a casual, friends, family, artists coming in and out all day.

So put on something sparkly and Celebrate women, art, life...

7038 Village Parkway Dublin

Look for the paper lanterns.