Sunday, June 29, 2008

Oh I am back...

I just got back from the Reno trip. The drive was loooong, the sky was smokey and Reno just happened to be having unusually hot weather. Our space at this show was outdoors (a surprise) The sun was blazing and we were not prepared for the day. Chel was a trooper and stayed positive trying to make the best out of an intense situation, I wilted.

I was not as happy. The heat was way more than my body could handle and I like heat. My spirits crashed when my dolls began to crack, split and some looked liked spent firecrackers. The larger doll heads have a core that seems to expand when conditions are very, very hot.

I usually air dry my dolls, they sit in my studio window in full sun and have no problem. In Reno the dry desert heat, the intense sun beating down literally baked them. I packed up after spending an hour unpacking. I went back to the hotel, took a shower, a swim, ordered room service and Noah and I watched Horton Hears a who.

Chel did her very best to make it through the rest of the day but packed up at the end of it feeling really sun-sick.

There are a million details I am leaving out that seemed strange and tragic while they were happening but seem comical and memorable now.

I think I will need to have and exploded doll sale...

Home sweet home, time to start making some new dolls.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


The amazing Sarah and Gabriell bringing in the New year a few years ago...

It is Tuesday...I made a huge spaghetti dinner and I am blissed out on the carbs. Chel called today and it looks like we are on for the Tumbleweed Cotillion in Reno this weekend. It will be a long, long drive but it should be fun. Lavender Ridge sounds beautiful and who wouldn't want to be surrounded by lavender fields?

I am in the process of building a display for the show. Chel and I will be sharing and we have very different styles, not sure how it is all going to turn out but my fingers are crossed it will be pretty and appealing.

My big project when I come back will be working on Danielle's wedding cake topper. I am not a fan of custom orders, avoid them mostly all the time but this one I felt pulled to. I love her wedding colors and the idea of my figurines on a big white cake. I am sure she will love it, if not I will bake myself a big white cake.

Sawsan and Aura came by Eleven Morning to make earrings and make a big dinner. We had a great time. We didn't get much work done but we did the most important things like eat desert first then sit by candle light and eat a slow dinner. There is a new organic yogurt shop called Blush that just came to town, we tried all the flavors, had an ice-cream buffet.

I am curious to find out who signed up for the August workshops at Convenzione in Pleasanton this August. I love meeting new people and this workshop will be a lot of fun. I know Chel is working hard to make this an awesome experience.

The feedback, pre-orders and the generous donations (Thank you Colleen Moody from a Seasonal Mood for the big bucks) for Pink sky have been wonderful. The book is due to be shipped out on the twenty-fifth. I am not sure how long it takes 400 pounds of books to get here from Texas but as soon as they arrive I will be sending out the purchased copies and getting the donation packages ready. Thank you, Thank you!

The sisters I made were a hit and I have several requests. Please be patient they are being created as we speak. There will be a collection of nine. I will put them up on Etsy before the paint has a chance to dry!

Shout out to Sarah McMoyler of The McMoyler method. Congrats on the new book and DVD.

Sarah is one of my favorite people. She has been my friend, my family, my therapist, my angel. She is also a childbirth Guru. If you are planning to have a baby, know someone who is having a baby or are about to give birth you must buy her CD and or her new book, The Best Birth. It is good information for smart people. Her childbirth classes in San Fransisco sell out months in advance, it is the ultimate childbirth class and a wonderful experience.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

New Dollies!

Good morning everyone,

It is so pretty outside my studio windows, the sun is up, it is warm already but there is a pleasant breeze coming through the canyons. I woke up with some new ideas that I can't wait to get started on. I think there is a new book in my head that wants to be on paper. This time I think I might watercolor...

Its' fathers day so Noah and I got up early to cook. Steve pretended he was asleep, it's a tradition to bring the paper and breakfast in bed. Noah made coffee while I sliced berries and peaches for the the crepe filling. We whisked batter and made gigantic crepes that we filled with sweet fruit and whipped cream. The kitchen was a mess, Noah and I did more sampling than cooking, and Steve loved his treat.

I spent all day yesterday finishing these four little sisters; Cakes, Button, Pickle and Noodle.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Pink Sky is a real book!


Pink Sky is now a real book! I just got the proof today. Iva was here but she missed the delivery by about a minute. The order is in and in two wonderful weeks we can release this sweet treasure!

I am going to open ordering up at for those of you who would like to pre-order and have been waiting so patiently. Remember that proceeds from the book go back to The Pink Sky Project so that we can donate books to families.

This is so exciting.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I got not strings...

Good morning!

So much is going on here at Eleven Morning. The most exciting is that I finally have a confirmation that the Pink Sky proof is on it's way. I am so frustrated by this way-too-long-process but happy that I will finally get to see it! I really want the book to be ready for ZNE's Convenzione in August.

If the weather continues doing what it is doing the Turn, Turn, Turn workshop in August will take place at a gallery just two blocks from my house where there is glorious air conditioning. We will still make a little field trip to Eleven Morning so everyone can visit and have some lemonade.

I am playing with some new dolls that are based on some old sketches my daughter did several years ago. I created fabric dolls from these sketches at the time but now i am using paper clay. It has been so much fun.

I found an old box of pin dolls I made with the girls when they were little and felt inspired by
dollproject on Etsy to make some new ones. I think it would make a fun workshop.

Chelise and I are off to Reno to do the Tumbleweed Cotillion. How she roped me into that I will never know. I am not sure I am a fit for the show but it will be an exciting adventure. It should be a very beautiful venue they are having it at Lavender Ridge this year so it should smell heavenly.

Have a creative week, look through old sketch books, and at some older work you have stored away you might be surprised at how re-inspired you may become.