Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Paper purses

Last year I contributed to a Leisure Arts book that was produced by Kooler Design Studio. I loved sitting in my studio and playing with paper, ribbon and all that glitters. There is something very soothing about craft making.

I came up with a version of some little purses I made for a birthday party several years ago. The Originals had a funny photo of my daughter with a a big balloon hat on. I filled them with Sparkly Lip gloss we made our selves, Japanese candy, cute hair clips, and Daisy seeds.

A year later I made a larger version out of chip board and covered in family photo's. Inside were a couple handmade gifts; an apron, a canvas bag, cookies, scratch off lottery cards, a tiny photo album.

I am a closet crafter, so don't tell anyone.

Here are a few photo's of the little purses. I made butiful kits so you can make them too, without all the stress. All you have to do is clip and glue. They are great for Birthdays, babyshowers, gift toppers, cute gift containers, or just to sit in a sweet space on your desk.

If you are interested they come in kits of six (14.oo) or eight (17.oo) They come in all kinds of colors and themes, check out for photo's and descriptions.

The book is "Gift Favors-small gifts for all occasions" You can get it through Kooler they just got a new batch fresh from the printer. It is a beautiful book to keep or give away.

Enough of trying to sell you something...

What are you going to do today to feed your creative spirit?

Spring is happening...why not bundle up, grab your digital camera and snap a few pix of all the budding that is happening, all the bulbs that are pushing through, the daffodils that are full of rain water and bumpy tree branches.

This is going to be a year of beautiful design, all natural, colorful and breathtaking.

Start creating an inspirational image file to pull from.

You can email me some of your finds if you like and I will post them here and on the website.

Have an amazing day,


Monday, February 18, 2008

Friday, February 15, 2008!!!

The Website is done!!!

I am so happy! it still needs some tweaking and a calendar but I am feeling pretty good about it. Check it out, you just gotta!

I am still working on the Spring Jewelry collection. It is taking a little longer than I thought just because so much is going on with classes forming, the book being published, and the garden calling me. All this sunshine and the daffs pushing up makes me want to go outside to dig and plant.

I will be attending a workshop today with Iva and Colleen. We will be making tiny wearable theatres. It should be interesting and challenging. I might share a version in an upcoming workshop if the artist is cool with it.

I went on a little field trip yesterday to check out the competition in town (Pleasanton) and found a lovely little studio called Poetry on Canvas. It is a sweet gallery space that does a little of everything including some painting and craft classes. I bought a few art supplies and breathed in that new building smell. The owner is a great person and gave us a tour. Her paintings line the walls all very spiritual and female. She has local artists hanging also, ranging from the weekend painter to the full time photographer. Some of the work is very rough and lacking in technique but I love the idea of a space where everyone gets to show work in a beautiful gallery. I wish her the best of luck, and a big thank you for taking a leap and bringing more art to our community.

The Ceramic studio needs dusting off and prepping for spring, the new jewelry kiln needs to be fired up, and I am dying to pull the carpets out of the studio when the weather gets warm. I promise a calendar soon. If you feel the art-itchies just send me an email and we can always create an art-play-date and do something with all that energy.

Make Art = Be Happy!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

New Website

I just started building the website. It is very exciting. I am hoping to have it ready in the next couple weeks. I am learning the software and sorting through photos.

I will let you know when it is up and running until then


Eleven Morning Classes

Eleven Morning Workshops


Workshops are not project based, they are idea based. Classes are open ended and meant to inspire. You will learn the basics of each medium and will be encouraged to let your inner artist emerge in a relaxed, positive, and creative environment.

Tools and services are included except where indicated. Some supplies will be available for purchase for convenience.

Drink tea, find friends, make art.


The Cup and Bowl: There is not a culture in history whose creativity has not started with the cup and bowl. They are simple but important vessels. They are practical and functional, sometimes sacred and mysterious.

This is a workshop designed for beginners or those wishing to sink thier hands in some clay again. It is a two part class. On day one we will build our pieces, then take a break to let it dry and fire. In the second class we will glaze our work.

Clay, glaze and firing are included.

Wear something comfortable and be prepared to get a little muddy. For this workshop I ask that you pay attention to the cups and bowls all around you and in your own personal history. Bring a story if you have one. Sharing energy fuels the creative mind. Depending on weather we may be working outdoors.


The Art Quilt: This is not your grandmothers quilting bee. We will be playing with commercial fabrics, found objects, textile dyes, fibers, and a whole lot of thread. We will all be creating a small art quilt that will be rich with surface design and hold special meaning.

Bring your sewing machine and your favorite cookies. I also ask that you hunt around your house or raid your mothers junk drawer for some interesting found objects. Tools, supplies, inspiration and tea will be included .There will be some take home work.


The Ring: There is no piece of jewelry so symbolic, traditional, romantic and beautiful

This is a Silver Clay workshop. Silver clay is magic. Silver floating in a sea of clay. When it is fired the clay is removed and 99.9% silver remains.

This is a fragile medium but worth every moment of gentle attention.

You will leave this class with a precious ring to keep or share.

Tools and some supplies will be included. I ask that you purchase your own art clay. A small 7 gram package should do it. I can offer a list of suppliers. If it is convenient I will have silver clay on hand for purchase.

We try to do this class in the evenings so that we can watch our clay turn to metal, it is breathtaking.

Bring yourself, a story about love found or lost, your glasses if you wear them and be ready to make something beautiful.


The Journal: Each day should start off with the first words in your mind and heart. Artists carry a book with them to record ideas, sketches, bits of paper, a fallen leaf, a candy wrapper.

In this workshop we will be making a creative journal. We will use a variety of paper, found objects, a little paper engineering, and our imaginations.

This is a class for everyone.

You will leave this class with a beautiful bound journal that you can keep or share.

Tools, supplies and tea provided.

I ask that you bring a pocketful of bits and pieces. Found objects, ribbon, buttons, dried flowers, magazine cut-outs. Anything you wish to use or share.

This is a sticky class so wear something comfortable.