Saturday, March 22, 2008

Etsy and an apology...


I have finished twelve of eighteen dolls in a spring collection for this year. They are up on Etsy. If you want to visit the shop just go to and enter elevenmorning. The dolls are really sweet.

Visit the store, visit the site, visit your mom, visit the bakery for chocolate cake.

These dolls were inspired by Bella from Pink Sky and she was inspired by drawings done by Stevie a very long time ago. I have always high-jacked her ideas.

They are all made out of paper clay and are one-of-a-kind. There are going to be 18 in the collection. They have movable arms and legs and they come off of their pretty bases to play.

I am turning into a squishy sap, I love dolls, I love making dolls.

Make some art!!! it will make you soooooo happy!

PS. The last post was meant to go to my daughters blog:

I apologize for posting it here, I was having a backwards day.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Blue Eyes

I slept well last night, deep. In the morning at 4:19 (no accident) I woke up from a dream about my girl. She was in the kitchen, sitting with Aly giving her a hug. I was so happy to see her. Steve came with Noah and he picked her up and held her so that she went upside down and her circulation got all scrambled and she said, "great there goes the vision" I remember thinking how awful it was and I was mad at Steve. I woke up.

I went back to sleep easily and this time I dreamed I was in Stevie's bed, Noah was in the middle and he was sleeping like a baby, he looked like his baby self and I looked at Stevie who was laying on the other side and said, "Doesn't he look like a baby?" She smiled, he woke up and went to lay on her chest. He played with her hair and said, "I wanna kiss you on the lips" He gave her a sweet kiss. I was so happy.

I could smell her and I remember thinking, "Oh God I can smell you, and your eyes are so blue, I remember now how blue they are" It lasted seconds but they were beautiful, wonderful seconds. I woke up saying "Thank you, thank you, thank you baby"

Today is the 19th, cemetery day. For the first time I am wondering if I should keep doing this. I feel Stevie telling me it is silly that she isn't there but I hate it that her body is so far away and alone. I have this need to be as physically close to her as I can. That is different than talking to her and dreaming about her. This feeling I am talking about is a Mom thing. My body aches to be near her and once a month I am. I understand that she is in a box that is in a cement box that is buried under ground. I understand her spirit is around me and not there but I keep telling her over and over, "I loved your body too and this is your place, the place I have marked with your name so no one will ever forget that you are real" When I go to the cemetery I feel like I am saying, "This child is loved and not forgotten."

I am going this morning. I have nothing to bring but myself, a blanket and maybe my journal. I will lay there with her memory and try to find a way to thank God for giving me nineteen years with the most exceptional person I will ever love instead of being angry at him for taking her away.

Stevie, Thank you for the dream, thank you for being with me, listening to me ramble on and on and for loving me from where you are, I am starting to feel it. I love you with all of me, everyday is one day closer.


Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Wheel

Spring is here and It is time for me to clean up the ceramic studio. The kilns need vacuuming, the
Molds need airing, the tables need scrubbing and the tools need washing. The winter has been hard on the studio this year so much rain and wind.

Maread would like to teach some throwing classes because there is one wheel it will have to be private sessions. She is such a sweet girl who is planning on attending CCA this spring and after graduation attend CCA full time. She is thinking about teaching art as a career. Call for more information or to schedule a session with her.

A silver clay workshop is in the making and is tentatively scheduled for April 3rd. It will be a three hour class, much of that time we will be waiting for our clay to dry but there will be munchies and time to get to know each other. We will be making a silver charm. All supplies included, it should be fun. If you are interested and would like more information you can email me at or give me a call 925-548-8447.

Enjoy all the budding and blooming.


Friday, March 7, 2008

Bella from Pink Sky

I wrote a book that will be published soon. It is a children's book about transition. It feels like I dreamed the whole thing, and maybe I did. ZNE and amazing art group I belong to raised money for a memorial for Stevie and Brianna. Magic happened and the book will be the memorial. I am so happy. ZNE will pay for five hundred copies of the book to be donated to families dealing with the possibility or the reality of the loss of a child. Iva, Chel and I will be working hard this week to get it all ready for the publishers. Iva is creating a website and the Pink Sky Foundation will be set up so that we can keep the books in print for families who need them.

The little girl in the book is Bella. I am in love with her and after the book was finished I was moved to make a Bella doll. This is her with her butterfly. I will keep everyone updated for the books release.

Oh so busy...


Iva did it again and introduced me to crowns this time. Never in my life would I have imagined sitting in my studio making them.

Someone made Brianna the most beautiful crown to wear in the everywhere that made me cry and then there was another at a little shop in Pleasanton, and another in Berkeley that got my creative wheels turning.

I decided I needed to have one, so I made one, then another and another and another.

Here are some photo's these are very naked crowns because I love the beauty of the human body, if it makes you blush you might want to cover your eyes.

I suggest eyes wide open.

They are all made from paper, ribbon, glitter, rhinestones, some vintage bits and pieces, paper flowers and German glass glitter (another thing Iva introduced me to).

This one is my favorite. I might just wear this crown while I tackle the pile of laundry that is sitting in front of me, ah if only we were always naked I wouldn't have to wash clothes.

I am madly in love with paper flowers. They are not easy to find but if you buy them all especially the white ones, they are so yummy.

I integrated fabric into this one and used some beautiful upholstery trim for the base.

It is very simple but lovely.