Friday, March 7, 2008

Oh so busy...


Iva did it again and introduced me to crowns this time. Never in my life would I have imagined sitting in my studio making them.

Someone made Brianna the most beautiful crown to wear in the everywhere that made me cry and then there was another at a little shop in Pleasanton, and another in Berkeley that got my creative wheels turning.

I decided I needed to have one, so I made one, then another and another and another.

Here are some photo's these are very naked crowns because I love the beauty of the human body, if it makes you blush you might want to cover your eyes.

I suggest eyes wide open.

They are all made from paper, ribbon, glitter, rhinestones, some vintage bits and pieces, paper flowers and German glass glitter (another thing Iva introduced me to).

This one is my favorite. I might just wear this crown while I tackle the pile of laundry that is sitting in front of me, ah if only we were always naked I wouldn't have to wash clothes.

I am madly in love with paper flowers. They are not easy to find but if you buy them all especially the white ones, they are so yummy.

I integrated fabric into this one and used some beautiful upholstery trim for the base.

It is very simple but lovely.

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