Friday, March 7, 2008

Bella from Pink Sky

I wrote a book that will be published soon. It is a children's book about transition. It feels like I dreamed the whole thing, and maybe I did. ZNE and amazing art group I belong to raised money for a memorial for Stevie and Brianna. Magic happened and the book will be the memorial. I am so happy. ZNE will pay for five hundred copies of the book to be donated to families dealing with the possibility or the reality of the loss of a child. Iva, Chel and I will be working hard this week to get it all ready for the publishers. Iva is creating a website and the Pink Sky Foundation will be set up so that we can keep the books in print for families who need them.

The little girl in the book is Bella. I am in love with her and after the book was finished I was moved to make a Bella doll. This is her with her butterfly. I will keep everyone updated for the books release.

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