Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Buttons, Buttons, Buttons...

Oh Yippee!!!

I have a new button maker and it feels like Christmas. I have wanted one of these since I was a
little kid now it is mine all mine.

Here are the first round of buttons...

These are all little girls doing cute things like eating cupcakes, catching stars, blowing out candles, and collecting flowers.

I attached them to sweet little gift cards.


Another Baby...

I tried it one more time and had to stop, it is too addicting and starts stirring up hormones that need to stay dormant right now.

I sculpted this baby while watching a documentary. I was holding it in my hand sculpting and watching, sculpting and watching...

She looked so comfy and peaceful I let her stay curled up.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Oh Baby!

For Mothers day I requested a peaceful, uninterrupted day in my studio, chocolate and a fondue dinner. So far it has been a wonderful day.

I could have finished the dolls for the Somerset submission or started on the rainy day figurines. I could have vacuumed and organized the ribbon drawers or did the drawings for the new buttons.

Instead I decided to learn something totally new. I had a box of Super Sculpey that has been sitting in drawer waiting to be brought to life. Today was it's lucky day, it became a tiny baby. This is my first attempt but true to my nature it will not be my last. My neighbor stopped in fell in love and has pre-ordered one, then a really good friend of mine stopped by for some silver clay and thought it was kinda creepy. I love it, what fun, I think it must give you an oxytocin rush.

Thank you Cheimarie for the lesson!

Sunday, May 4, 2008


It has been the most beautiful and peaceful day. I watched The Jane Austen Book Club (didn't like it) and made a little girl riding on a flying pony.

I stayed in my pajamas all day, cooked, made art and didn't do even a little house work.

This is good.

The bluebird doll sold and I am really happy about that the woman who bought it is a doll collector and she loves the doll.

Ivy found a new home in Pennsylvania.

Next week I am closing the studio down and concentrating on other things. It is very easy to spend hours and sometimes days in here and forget about the outside world.

Art makes me happy but taking care of my responsibilities allows me to make art.

I think I will live it up until responsibility day and make a grilled cheese sandwich and lay on the carpet looking at all my art magazines while I eat it. I also have to go out and buy red paint which means I will come home with a bag full of strange little happies.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Turning Music Boxes!

Here are the girlies...

This is Pistachio... She gently turns as butterflies flutter around her, and a gentle tune plays.

To see the whole collection go to elevenmorning.com

They turned out so beautifully.

Turn, turn,turn

Well I have been a busy little bee here at Eleven morning...

In August I am doing a premier workshop for Convenzione in Pleasanton California. I had to come up with a project that everyone could make, that was not too challenging, a lot of fun, and would produce a spectacular end result.

I sat down at my drawing table and came up with wonderful music boxes. The greatest part is that even though this is a project based workshop it will still be wide open for individual expression.

The ten that I made are unique to me and my style but I am so stoked to see what everyone else will come up with.

August is too far away.

Here is a picture of my studio while I was making these turning music boxes. I like to pretend I am organized and tidy but this is the real Eleven morning on a work day...