Friday, February 15, 2008!!!

The Website is done!!!

I am so happy! it still needs some tweaking and a calendar but I am feeling pretty good about it. Check it out, you just gotta!

I am still working on the Spring Jewelry collection. It is taking a little longer than I thought just because so much is going on with classes forming, the book being published, and the garden calling me. All this sunshine and the daffs pushing up makes me want to go outside to dig and plant.

I will be attending a workshop today with Iva and Colleen. We will be making tiny wearable theatres. It should be interesting and challenging. I might share a version in an upcoming workshop if the artist is cool with it.

I went on a little field trip yesterday to check out the competition in town (Pleasanton) and found a lovely little studio called Poetry on Canvas. It is a sweet gallery space that does a little of everything including some painting and craft classes. I bought a few art supplies and breathed in that new building smell. The owner is a great person and gave us a tour. Her paintings line the walls all very spiritual and female. She has local artists hanging also, ranging from the weekend painter to the full time photographer. Some of the work is very rough and lacking in technique but I love the idea of a space where everyone gets to show work in a beautiful gallery. I wish her the best of luck, and a big thank you for taking a leap and bringing more art to our community.

The Ceramic studio needs dusting off and prepping for spring, the new jewelry kiln needs to be fired up, and I am dying to pull the carpets out of the studio when the weather gets warm. I promise a calendar soon. If you feel the art-itchies just send me an email and we can always create an art-play-date and do something with all that energy.

Make Art = Be Happy!

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