Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I got not strings...

Good morning!

So much is going on here at Eleven Morning. The most exciting is that I finally have a confirmation that the Pink Sky proof is on it's way. I am so frustrated by this way-too-long-process but happy that I will finally get to see it! I really want the book to be ready for ZNE's Convenzione in August.

If the weather continues doing what it is doing the Turn, Turn, Turn workshop in August will take place at a gallery just two blocks from my house where there is glorious air conditioning. We will still make a little field trip to Eleven Morning so everyone can visit and have some lemonade.

I am playing with some new dolls that are based on some old sketches my daughter did several years ago. I created fabric dolls from these sketches at the time but now i am using paper clay. It has been so much fun.

I found an old box of pin dolls I made with the girls when they were little and felt inspired by
dollproject on Etsy to make some new ones. I think it would make a fun workshop.

Chelise and I are off to Reno to do the Tumbleweed Cotillion. How she roped me into that I will never know. I am not sure I am a fit for the show but it will be an exciting adventure. It should be a very beautiful venue they are having it at Lavender Ridge this year so it should smell heavenly.

Have a creative week, look through old sketch books, and at some older work you have stored away you might be surprised at how re-inspired you may become.

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Iva said...

So cute Gina!! Your art always amazes me. Let's have lunch this week. Keep up the creative work with your dolls.
~ Iva