Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Fourth

Oh it was a good day. Water slide, bonfire, sack race, trampoline, BBQ, fireworks. Noah had so much fun and I loved watching him smile like that.

Danielle's Cake topper is finished I hope she likes it. I will have to re-shoot the photo's my camera died yesterday and I had to run out and buy a new one. I know nothing about digital camera's swore I would never own one. I still have my old Nikon SLR with a four year old roll of 35mm film in it!

I am a purist about art but I have to admit the digital camera sure makes my life easier. I bought a Cannon PowerShot A470. It is actually a better camera than my last one. Stevie bought it and she paid 500 buckeroos for it. This one cost me a 100 and it does what the other one did and when it dies I won't run around in circles like Rumpelstiltskin yelling obscenities.

Here are a few photos of the fourth and one of the last photos from the old camera of the cake topper.

Hope everyone had an amazing fourth.

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