Thursday, July 31, 2008


Oh my Goodness I am not sure what I am thinking but I am opening a new studio. I am going to keep Eleven Morning but it seems I have outgrown the space for teaching workshops and making my own art.

My new space will be blocks from home in a small industrial building that is a little funky but has much potential. The walls are already painted a creamy yellow and I am collecting all the fixtures an furniture we will need. I am calling it Tangerine.

I can walk or ride my bike, the space is sweet and I am excited (and terrified) to get moved in.

The Eleven Morning Website will include all the Tangerine information and I have a new blog for Tangerine news.

There will be more workshops, sweet treats, ephemera, unusual art supplies, and great art you can play with and purchase.

Someone pinch me quick!!!


Colleen said...

I heard the's spreading like wildfire! CONGRATULATIONS! I love the name and I know Tangerine will be magical.

Leticia said...

Congratulations and best wishes on your new venture, I too love the name.

Bettina said...

The name is so special and full to life,I wish the best for you!!!:)Besos