Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Oh the lavender is here and my studio smells like a little bit of heaven.

I planted a little lavender last year that turned into a lot of lavender this summer. I harvested some this morning before the bee's came for breakfast. I think I might make sweet-dream-pillows.

Many years ago I had one that I kept in my pillow case, it is made of soft fabric stuffed with dead sea salt and lavender. You keep it close to you while you sleep, the lavender is a conduit for peaceful sleep and the salt is suppose to neutralize any negative energy.

Don't be surprised if I put a few on Etsy.

I am working on six new dolls. The first four sisters were sold so quickly and the requests keep comin' I promise there will be more. The photo above is of a couple of the girls getting a shine and a tan out on my worktable. I may be in love with them already. One of them got a little drippy and she looks teary, that one I may have to keep, she is heartbreaking.

It is so hot here in Northern California, we are in the middle of another little heatwave. I am melting but my tomato's are happy, they have been waiting for some bright sunlight to help them get all red and sweet.

Stay cool friends and drink lots of lemonade, here is fun recipe:

Make Lemonade the way you like it (you gotta use real lemons!)
Add some sliced strawberries
Add some ice and sparkling water
Add some cucumber curls, yes cucumber.

You can make the curls by using a veggie peeler you use the skin and the pale green part of the cucumber but avoid the seeds. The longer this brew sits the better but it is ready to drink right away.

It might sound a little strange but it is so yummy and refreshing.

Happy Summer


Bettina said...

Hello,my name is Bettina.I love yours dolls,i always read your blog.My inglesh is very bad.Sorry.I from Argentina,Buenos Aires.Hasta Pronto.

Gabriell said...


Thank you. My husband lived in Argentina while he was in school. It is a beautiful place to live.

Do you make art?